4 Popular Online Supplement Scams to Be Careful With

While the Internet has brought online shopping into the next level, technological advancements also made it possible for people to sell things on their sites and eCommerce platforms. Fortunately, this phenomenon has made people earn active and passive incomes. Unfortunately, some ill-minded individuals exploit the virtual markets by scamming consumers through various means.

Today, there are many ways entrepreneurs trick people into buying their products. I would say, not all scams necessarily relate to fake products. Some items delivered to the consumers’ doorsteps are just not as described and marketed online if they ever reach the customers’ address at all.
Amazingly, people fall for these scams because they have stitched their products with a great marketing scheme, involving elements such as online viral videos, fraud reviews, and psychological, social influence or manipulation among others.

Scams reach various niches, including health and wellness. Why not? People are starting to realize the importance of fitness in our daily lives, and are beginning to take serious actions, including exercising and taking supplements of all sorts. Entrepreneurs, good or bad, are also taking advantage to all extents.

Of course, we would like to say thanks to those who make serious and dependable business online. But to those who spend days and nights ripping whoever they can, whenever they can, here are four supplement scams exposed to humankind.

1. The P Word

Just another form of smart packaging or marketing that sends people checking out items online is the magic word “proprietary” on labels. Instead of showing the specific ingredients and dosages, a list of contents shows up on the label and how much gram each supplement contains.

Keeping your formula secret should be all right. However, some entrepreneurs take advantage of this strategy by using more fillers than active ingredients and making substantial revenues by cutting on costs and luring customers to believe in the pseudo-strength of their supplements.

2. What’s Active

Some sellers will encourage you to buy expensive supplements from them while stating that their formula contains only the best mix of ingredients designed to attain a particular goal. However, in reality, the main active ingredient should be equally effective without the additives, if not more.

These entrepreneurs are only trying to get their market share of buyers. The scam comes from making consumers believe that what they offer, though blown-up in price, is best and better than any other product in the market.

3. Stars

If you want to make more money, then you may have to shell out some more at times, which often includes having your products endorsed by celebrities. We’ve seen these all the time, and the practice now also applies to supplements.

Endorsing celebrities may try the products themselves before the advertisement, but what usually happens is that entrepreneurs select famous personalities who represent the ‘end-goals’ even before they use the product. Whether the hired star uses the product or not is trivial to the online shop, after all, consumers are getting hyped to buy their products hoping to be at par with their idols.

4. Spikes

The fact that entrepreneurs would like their products to gain credibility and reputation throughout the market is for sure. Some of them use ‘black’ science in attaining that goal, which involves the usage of ingredients that shouldn’t be there at all.

These sellers can quickly market these supplements, especially after showing real results, but not so transparent ingredients list.

Sample Scam: Crazy Mass

This supplement promises consumers 100% effectiveness despite an apparent massive underdose of ingredients on its label, namely, whey protein concentrate, soy protein concentrate, wild yam root extract, L-Carnitine, and ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate. They have also recently incorporated the “Buy 1 Take 1” marketing technique into their strategy to boost their sales. So if you have used both bottles before, don’t be surprised if you haven’t achieved their acclaimed results.

What’s even surprising is that their website doesn’t contain any negative reviews from users, which in a sense violates FTC guidelines as online shops are required to keep all product reviews available on their website.

These scams may not have extreme effects on any buyer. However, it breaks a heart to see your hard-earned money go to waste after believing a misleading online supplement advertisement. To some of us who undergo emotional strains with their physical conditions or genetic weaknesses, the experience can be more damaging. Guard yourselves, money and heart against the ‘scams’ above.

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5 Upcoming Movies You Must Watch in Cinemas Before The Year Ends

The holiday season is near, and while we aren’t there yet, you can start adding these films to your Christmas must-see checklist.

1.    Kidnap

Karla McCoy, a single mom, takes her child to a local park where they play Marco Polo. After a while, the boy fails to respond, and she frantically searches the entire park. Karla sees him pushed into a car by a stranger and runs towards them. As the stranger starts to drive away, she loses her phone as she gets dragged by the moving vehicle. The rest of the story becomes a dangerous road chase where Karla tries to get help from everyone she can to rescue her son.

2.    Office Christmas Party

Clay Vanstone enlists his entire staff to host an epic Christmas party to save their office branch and jobs from his stiff CEO sister Carol. She makes a deal to close a sale and impress a client in exchange for their jobs. Clay’s team comes up with a ridiculously arranged office Christmas party that eventually gets out of hand.

3.    Passengers

Jim and Aurora along with 5,000 passengers hibernate in a spaceship while in transit to their new home. Both awaken 90 years earlier and start to fall in love while enjoying a luxurious lifestyle on board. They soon discover that the ship is in imminent danger placing the lives of all aboard into their hands.

4.    The Bounce Back

Matthew Taylor tours to promote his best-selling book, The Bounce Back. During this, he encounters a smart talk show therapist Kristin Peralta, who is determined to expose Matthew as a scam. He eventually falls for her and subsequentially deals with facts in his past relationships.

5.    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The Rebel Alliance recruited Jyn Erso, a reckless youth, who has lived on her own while developing fighting skills and knowledge of the galactic underworld. Together with a band of spies, they start a mission to steal the plans of the Death Star, the Empire’s ultimate weapon able to destroy planets.

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Top 3 Destinations to Welcome The New Year

Right after Christmas, New Year’s Eve is the last day of the year to celebrate with late-night parties, family gatherings, a countdown, firework displays, and somehow a great excuse to get drunk. So before heading back to your 9-5 hour jobs in a couple of days, maximize your New Year celebration by spending the evening in one of these cities.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana


Jackson Square hosts live music performances and partying all day before the countdown at Crescent City. In the evening, cruises on the Mississippi River will give you great views of the skyline and the city while enjoying music, beverages, and a scrumptious buffet. Bourbon Street will continue to be the center of the main party hosted by a vast array of clubs and bars. As the clock strikes midnight, a breathtaking fireworks display will also be shown over the Mississippi River.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada


With crowds growing over the years, Las Vegas is sure to become another party block this New Year’s Eve. The famous strip, stretching from Stratosphere to Mandalay Bay, will be closed to traffic encouraging street partying. Choreographed fireworks display from rooftops of establishments and with everyone dressed to impress will be most entertaining for partygoers. Casinos and nightclubs will be packed with band performances and filled with celebrities.

3. Chicago, Illinois


Enjoy amusement rides at Navy Pier and watch fireworks display synced to music at Lake Michigan on New Year’s Eve. Bars, Buffet, Grand Ballroom access, and Lakeview Terrace, are available to the crowd via the annual Resolution Gala. Top Luxury hotels bring the party with DJs, premium liquor, and live bands.

An itinerary or a list of places to go to when in your selected city makes the trip more fun and productive. Always keep in mind that planning ahead, perhaps with research, reservation, or booking, will make the best out of these festivities.

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Disney Welcomes Two Other Princesses after Sofia the First and Frozen

For the parents, kids, and children aged 99 and below who love watching anything Disney, Sofia the First will not be the last addition to the growing list of princesses.

The list already includes crowd favorites such as Cinderella, Jasmine, Belle, Ariel, Aurora, Snow White, Mulan, Rapunzel, and the later additions Tiana (The Princess and the Frog, 2009) and Merida (Brave, 2009) before Sofia the First’s release in late 2012. Of course, we can’t forget Anna and Elsa of Frozen (2013).

For the benefit of the few who haven’t watched her series, Sofia the First is the cute eight-year-old overnight princess whose commoner mother marries the King.

While this little darling seems to steal the viewers’ hearts, we are expecting two more in a few days or weeks. Here are two Disney princesses to watch out for this year.

1. Elena of Avalor

She has apparently debuted on TV in some countries in July 2016, via demand in Canada. Disney is launching a television movie this November entitled, Elena and the Secret of Avalor.

Elena, a sixteen-yar-old heiress to the throne, will be the first Latina Disney princess ever to come on screen. Her magic-filled character will not have any love interest unlike the others but will be singing on each and every episode.

2. Moana

Moana is the definitely the first Polynesian princess to join the Disney’s growing list of royal heroines. She won’t have a love interest in the movie either and will be on a journey to save her beloved family. She denies being a princess and will have animal sidekicks.

Hawaiian mythology will come to play, as shown by the demi-God Maui voiced by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who is expected to sing and rap on the upcoming movie.

Kids and grown-ups alike are waiting for these two and future princesses to join the Disney Kingdom.

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