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If your product or service needs additional exposure to boost sales without spending too much on advertising, you may take a rest here with us. Anon Paste provides you just the right platform for your advertisements, simply by creating compelling content every time.

The Monthly Report

Businesses that choose to promote their products through our site are highly satisfied with our monthly stats, which includes:

At least a hundred thousand unique visitors every month that leads to half a million page views and thousands of newsletter signups every 30 days.

Most of our readers are regular online spenders, who admit buying things on e-commerce platforms whenever possible.

Your Advertising Options


We exclusively dedicate your rented ad space to your advertisements and do not rotate it with others, to ensure 100% of the impression goes to your marketing efforts.

We offer 300×250, 160×600, and 125*125 ad spaces to fit your needs.

Email us at for our media kit and pricing.

*Product Review

We may review and feature your products or services to our blogs and get advertising the whole year round, or more. Shoot us an email at for further details.

* Email Blast

We can send our subscribers your ads straight to their inbox. Because our copies are compelling and creative, your advertisements will never be left unnoticed. Send any inquiries to

We will be more than happy to accommodate your business and help in your marketing efforts. The modest fees we charge go to the maintenance and administration costs of this site. We would like to reach more people, and so are you. Contact us today and let’s talk!