The Internet provides an excellent source of learning; but because there are scattered resources available, having a one-stop website matters.

Anon Paste started years ago with the sole intention of keeping people informed about almost anything important in our daily lives. While we think that both writer and reader learn from any article, we dedicate this website to our daily visitors who keep coming back for our stories and lifehacks.

We cater to any niche as much as possible, making us a comprehensive database of trending news and topics in various industries. We also devote our time in research and writing because we believe that the statement “Education is important” is an understatement. We would also promote equity by making sure that information is available and accessible to anyone who calls for learning.

The Staff

Our editors would like to consider themselves as works in progress within the industry. We started out as contributors to our school papers when we were younger until we grew to become better writers and researchers in our little ways. We improve as we age, but keep the same passion burning – the passion for writing so readers can learn something new in a few minutes.