5 Upcoming Movies You Must Watch in Cinemas Before The Year Ends

The holiday season is near, and while we aren’t there yet, you can start adding these films to your Christmas must-see checklist.

1.    Kidnap

Karla McCoy, a single mom, takes her child to a local park where they play Marco Polo. After a while, the boy fails to respond, and she frantically searches the entire park. Karla sees him pushed into a car by a stranger and runs towards them. As the stranger starts to drive away, she loses her phone as she gets dragged by the moving vehicle. The rest of the story becomes a dangerous road chase where Karla tries to get help from everyone she can to rescue her son.

2.    Office Christmas Party

Clay Vanstone enlists his entire staff to host an epic Christmas party to save their office branch and jobs from his stiff CEO sister Carol. She makes a deal to close a sale and impress a client in exchange for their jobs. Clay’s team comes up with a ridiculously arranged office Christmas party that eventually gets out of hand.

3.    Passengers

Jim and Aurora along with 5,000 passengers hibernate in a spaceship while in transit to their new home. Both awaken 90 years earlier and start to fall in love while enjoying a luxurious lifestyle on board. They soon discover that the ship is in imminent danger placing the lives of all aboard into their hands.

4.    The Bounce Back

Matthew Taylor tours to promote his best-selling book, The Bounce Back. During this, he encounters a smart talk show therapist Kristin Peralta, who is determined to expose Matthew as a scam. He eventually falls for her and subsequentially deals with facts in his past relationships.

5.    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The Rebel Alliance recruited Jyn Erso, a reckless youth, who has lived on her own while developing fighting skills and knowledge of the galactic underworld. Together with a band of spies, they start a mission to steal the plans of the Death Star, the Empire’s ultimate weapon able to destroy planets.